Why did Bank of the Rockies switch to .BANK?

For security purposes our email addresses and website URL now end in ‘.BANK’ instead of ‘.com’; look for the ‘.BANK’ before interacting with any email or website of ours.

What is .BANK?

.BANK is a gated domain, like .gov or .edu, but for verified banks. Replacing .com, which can be purchased by anyone, .BANK quickly verifies that the website or email is authentically from our bank, so you can interact with confidence when you see the ‘.BANK’ at the end of our email address and website URL.

How is .BANK more secure?

All banks are verified and authenticated by fTLD, the .BANK administrator, prior to registering their .BANK domain, and re-verified annually thereafter. This ensures everyone using a .BANK domain is an eligible organization. Hackers and bad actors can’t get a .BANK domain to create lookalike domains for phishing and spoofing, as they can in ‘.com’ and other publicly available domains.

With the ‘.BANK’ visual authentication cue in place you can quickly confirm emails and websites of ours are real, and avoid interactions that could lead to identity theft and financial fraud. This authentication is also an additional layer of protection for internal and vendor communications, helping to secure against potential breaches.

All banks within the .BANK domain must also implement additional Security Requirements to help secure their sites and email, and protect them, their vendors and their customers from phishing, spoofing and other cyberattacks. All banks using .BANK are monitored for compliance with these security requirements on an ongoing basis.

Do I need to do anything differently now that you're in .BANK?

Our email addresses and website URL now end in .BANK. From now on, before interacting with emails from us, and before you enter your username and password on our website, simply look for the ‘.BANK’ to authenticate the email or website is ours.

Our .com email addresses are forwarding to our new .BANK email addresses, and our .com website redirects to our new .BANK site, but over time you should update your address book and bookmark for our site.

You're the first '.BANK' I've seen, why haven't all the other banks moved?

The move to .BANK is a business decision every bank must make, and plan for, based on its priorities and resources. We decided it was a priority for us to enhance our security and provide our customers with an easy way to authenticate our email communications and website.

What do I need to open an account?

To open any account at Bank of the Rockies you will need to provide Valid Photo ID with your full name, physical address, your Government-issued TIN, and an opening deposit.

Examples of unexpired, accepted photo IDs:

  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • Student ID
  • State ID
  • Government ID

If you are unable to provide a photo ID, we recommend using multiple forms of documentation to show proof of address. Other requirements do apply; contact a Relationship Banker for further information.

To open a business account at Bank of the Rockies you will need to bring a photo ID, opening deposit, EIN (Employer Identification Number), Certificate of Filling with Montana Secretary of State, and/or other legal documents pertaining to the business.

When will my funds be available?

Funds that are accepted before lobby closing time will be available to you the same day they are received, with the exception of a hold. Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions and incoming wires will be available on the settlement date.

Mail deposits will be accepted on the first business day they are received. Night drop transactions are accepted at 8:00 am each business day. If a night drop deposit is made after this time, it will be posted the next day.

Mobile/Remote Deposits will be made available to you on the first business day after the day they are received. The Mobile/Remote Deposit cutoff is 4:30 PM.

For determining the availability of your deposits, every day is a business day except Saturdays, Sundays, and federal holidays. Our cutoff times are the following:

Bozeman Office
4:00 PM

Clyde Park, Emigrant, Livingston, Helena, Lewistown and White Sulphur Springs Offices
5:00 PM

How do I stop a check or ACH payment?

Contact a Relationship Banker to create, modify or cancel a Stop Payment. When requesting a Stop Payment to be placed, ensure you are ready to provide the following information:

  • Account number
  • Check number
  • Date on check
  • Payee name
  • Amount
  • If you issued a replacement check or ACH

Additional information may be necessary. Bank of the Rockies charges a $30.00 fee for each Stop Payment.

How do I send a wire?

Please refer to our Domestic and International Wire Instructions, which can be found on the Forms page.

How do I enroll/login to Online Banking?

Go to the Bank of the Rockies website home page. Across the top are six options, if you are not on a computer click the three bars that appear at the top of the page to view the options. Click on the last option, “Login,” and click Online Banking. Type your username and password.

If you are new, click on the link “Enroll now,” just below the “Log in” button.  This will bring you to the enrollment screen, fill out the fields to continue. The next screen you will create a username and password, as you type your password green checkmarks will appear next to the criteria requirements.

After you have created your credentials, the site will have you set up three security questions. From here you will be asked if you want to enroll in eStatements. If you do not want to enroll at this time or ever select the buttons stating “Not Now” or “Ask me Later” and skip the next paragraph.

If you want eStatements, select the account(s) you wish to enroll. Next, click on the words “Terms and Conditions” below the accounts. This will generate a disclosure document, on the last page will be a four-digit code. Return to the enrollment tab. Check the box stating you have read the terms and conditions. Now type the code in the field below, before clicking Enroll.

The next page you will be brought to is Mobile banking. If you do not want to enroll at this time, select the buttons stating “Not Now” or “Ask me Later” and skip the next paragraph.

If you click enroll for mobile banking, a new page will be generated. Check the box after reading the terms and conditions. A button will appear to continue, select.

If you are having issues logging in or enrolling, contact a Relationship Banker.

I signed up for eStatements, but how do I find them?

Log into your online banking. Under the Bank of the Rockies Logo are four options (Home, Accounts, Transfer, and Bill Payment), select Accounts.

Fill in the fields listed on this screen. Used the drop downs to select which account you want documents for. Once complete there are six options below the account dropdown (Details, Transfer, Documents, Categorize, Download, and Stop Payments) select Documents.

The screen will change displaying a couple fields to edit. Double check the Account selected is the one you need. Document type should already have “Checking Account e-Statement” selected, if not use the drop down to change. Enter the date range you need.

A list of documents within the date range selected will be displayed below. Click on the document link to open, view, and print.

Do you offer mobile deposit?

Yes we do! After initial enrollment, open the Bank of the Rockies app on your smart phone and log in. Towards the bottom there are four icons; Accounts, Transfers, Deposit, and More. You’ll want to select deposit; if this icon is not available, contact the bank to enable mobile capture.

Continue by tapping deposit a check, deposit into, and select the account you want the money in. Next, you will enter the legal amount written on the check. Now, tap the button to take pictures. Make sure the check is endorsed with a signature and checking the box for mobile/remote deposit or write “Mobile Deposit.”

Deposits through the mobile app have a max of $5,000.00 per calendar day. You may deposit any number of checks as long as the total is under the limit. Based on the situation we may be able to temporarily raise this limit.

We recommend holding onto the check until it posts to your account. Once the deposit is complete, shred or burn the check. Do not throw it away as there is sensitive information on the check that we do want in the wrong hands.

However, there have been situations where one may want to keep the check as a memento for an accomplishment or reward. Framing and hanging the check would be recommended. Do not let it lay around, where it can be easily taken.

How do I nickname my accounts?

Log into your online banking. On the Home page there is an “Edit Accounts” button listed above the list of accounts on the right side. Once selected, the “Name” fields will open up. Rename accounts as desired and arrange using move buttons. Select “Save” when finished or “Cancel” to exit.

How do I make my statements compatible with my financial management tool (Quicken, QuickBooks, or Microsoft Money)?

Sign in to Online Banking. Under the logo, select “Accounts.” Fill in the fields listed on this screen. Use the drop downs to select which account you want documents for. Once complete there are six options below the account dropdown (Details, Transfer, Documents, Categorize, Download, and Stop Payments) select Download.

The screen will pop-up displaying a couple fields to edit. Double check the Account selected is the one you need. Date range; use drop down to select the statement or your own customer date range. There is also an option for all transactions if needed. If Custom Date Range is picked, enter the start and end date you need.

In the last field you will select the format type needed. Do not worry if your program is not listed at the end of each name is the specific format used (.csv, .ofx, .qbo, and .qfx). Your program will tell you which one is compatible.

Select the button “Download Transactions” to save to your computer or “Cancel” to exit.

When do I need to notify Bank of the Rockies that I am traveling?

When traveling within the United States, the card can recognize the travel based on stops for food, gas and hotels. However, if you are flying, the card will not be able to determine how you made a transaction on one side of the country and a few hours later on the other side of the country. Let us know whether you are flying or driving and we can assist with ensuring your card will work seamlessly.

Bank of the Rockies debit cards do work in other countries, and we request that you notify us of International travel. Ensure you include:

  • Expected departure date
  • Expected return date
  • Countries you will be visiting (including any countries you may have layovers in)

We advise our customers to carry a secondary form of payment when they travel internationally.

Why didn't my card work?

There are many different reasons as to why a card transaction failed. The most common include:

  • Exceeding a card’s daily limit
  • Funds are not available in the account
  • Incorrect card information entered including: address, expiration, card number, PIN (Personal Identification Number)

Before submitting purchases online, it is good to review the information entered. Check your balance and grand total of transactions presenting on your account.

If none of the reasons listed above match your situation, contact a Universal Banker to check the status of your card and enable transactions if necessary.

What do I do if there are fraudulent transactions on my card?

Contact your local branch for more information. Merchants may process under different names. The bank may be able to provide more information on the transaction and provide contact information for the merchant.

Any transaction(s) in question can be disputed. The dispute forms can be found on our website or filled out at your local branch office.

What do I do if I lost my debit card?

Contact the bank, look for your card, and watch your account. When a card is lost it is generally found in the laundry or in the car. However, we recommend calling the bank in case it was lost elsewhere. We can place a hold on the card while you look. If the card is truly gone, we will order a new card with a new number. If you have lost your card outside Bank hours call 1-800-417-8715.

What if I need to make a purchase that exceeds my daily limit?

Contact a Relationship Banker to have the daily limit on your debit card raised prior to making the purchase. Once we see the transaction post to your account, the limit will be restored to its original value to keep your money safe.