What Is A CD?

A CD* or Certificate of Deposit is a type of savings where a sum of money accumulates interest over a set of time. A CD is different from a regular savings account in that money typically cannot be withdrawn before the set time without incurring penalties. The penalties and rules for withdrawing and depositing depend on the type of CD. The Bank of the Rockies offers several types of CDs.

When you open a Certificate of Deposit with BOTR you can expect automatic renewal at maturity with a 10-day grace period, and most can be opened for as little as $500.

Fixed Rate CD

We offer fixed rate CDs with terms ranging from 91 days to 60 months to help you achieve your short-term savings goal.

Flexible Term CD

Our Flexible Term CDs allow you to start saving and take advantage of terms that work best for you. When you open a Certificate of Deposit with BOTR, our flexible terms let you customize based on your current needs. Our CDs have fixed interest rates and terms ranging between 91 to 365 days and 12 to 60 months. Additionally, there is an automatic renewal with a 10-day grace period.

*A seven day pre-withdrawal notice right is reserved. Early withdrawal penalty may apply.

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Whether you’re saving for a new home, college education or retirement, Bank of the Rockies has the savings product to meet your needs.

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