Our Business Cash Management Services* take your Business Online Banking to the next level.

Cash Management Services offers a complete solution to help your business manage its finances quickly, easily and securely.

Real-Time Transactions

Bank of the Rockies’ Business Cash Management Services allow you to conduct real-time transactions such as:

  • Making loan payments
  • Transferring funds between your accounts
  • Initiating one-time payments
  • Building wire transfers**
  • Submitting tax payments**
  • Applying a stop payment on checks**
  • Exporting transactions into supported accounting software such as Quicken, QuickBooks, or Microsoft Money

Grant Personalized Access

In addition, grant personalized access to accountants, bookkeepers and employees according to their authority level within your business:

  • Four (4) access levels including Senior Administrator, Administrator, Supervisor or Employee
  • Establish access times specific to each user

Electronic File Transfers

Our Cash Management Services specialize in the origination of electronic file transfers for periodic credit and debit transactions such as:

  • Monthly Dues
  • Payroll Files
  • HSA Contributions


*Requires additional agreements and documentation

**Transactions subject to availability

Want the Full Setup?

Pair our Business Cash Management Services with our Merchant Capture and Merchant Services products.