At Bank of the Rockies, your privacy and security are our top priority; to see what information we do and do not share, please review our Privacy Policy.

How Bank of the Rockies protects you:

  • Continuously monitor transactions for suspicious activity
  • Offer IDTheft Smart
  • Online banking customers are protected through 128-bit SSL encryption and are required to provide both a username and password upon login. Online banking users are also protected by multi-factor authentication

How you can protect yourself:

Introducing SecureAlerts.

When it happens, you know. Talk about a feeling of security.

New SecureAlerts let you know the moment something important happens in your account by instantly sending a message via text*, email, or to your Online Banking message center.

With SecureAlerts you’ll always know exactly what’s happening with your money, and you can watch for suspicious activity. It’s a free service for Bank Of The Rockies Customers.

Choose from dozens of SecureAlerts.

Monitor your account activity such as:

  • A purchase using your debit card was just processed.
  • An ATM withdrawal is made. You instantly know.
  • An ATM withdrawal is made. You instantly know.

Delivered the way you want.

Messages are sent instantly using any of the delivery channels you choose:

Text Messages- One of the easiest ways to receive SecureAlerts is through text messages on your smartphone*, or wearable devices.

Email- Receive email messages about your account activity.

Online Banking Message Center- View your SecureAlerts every time you log on to Online Banking.

*Message and data rates may apply.

Set up your real time SecureAlerts:

  1. Log on to Online Banking. Select Alerts
  2. Click each Category in Alert Options to view the list of available alerts.
  3. Select the Alerts you want to receive for each account. Then check how you would like to receive them, and Save.

You’ll now receive a message the moment any of your alerts are triggered. It’s that simple.

With SecureAlerts you’ll always know exactly what’s happening with your money, and you can watch for suspicious activity.

We invite you to set up your SecureAlerts today.

Create strong and unique passwords – Avoid obvious passwords such as birthdays, anniversaries, addresses and phone numbers. Strong passwords include a mixture of upper- and lowercase characters, numbers and symbols and are at least 8 digits long

Install the latest anti-virus software on your home computer, phones and tablets and regularly update your operating system and applications. Taking additional measures to secure your phone, including fingerprint and/or facial recognition or installing a secure password to unlock the device will further prevent attacks if your phone is ever misplaced or stolen

  • Regularly check your accounts through online banking or in person to ensure all purchases are legitimate
  • Report any discrepancies to your local office immediately
  • Review your credit report annually for discrepancies. Visit the FTC website for help getting your annual credit report
  • Setup account alerts through online banking to receive updates on your balances, transactions and more
  • Register your phone number on the National Do Not Call list
  • Sign up for IDTheft Smart to take a proactive approach to protecting your identity
  • Go paperless
  • Never write your PIN on the back of your card
  • Use trusted online payment methods
  • Keep your information up-to-date with the bank
  • Secure your financial documents and records in a safe and secure place away from anyone who may come into your home—consider a safe deposit box at Bank of the Rockies
  • Shred or burn old documents containing any banking or personal information to prevent unauthorized individuals from getting ahold of them
  • Shred or burn unwanted credit card offers

One of the most important things you can do when it comes to your security, is communicate with us. Bank of the Rockies keeps eyes and ears open to stay knowledgeable about new scams as they surface. If you feel uneasy, reach out to us and we can help make sense of the situation. Above all, if you feel you are a victim of a scam, reach out to your local office as soon as possible to minimize risk

Jennell Huff

Universal Banker

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