In the journey from classroom to career, one skill often left off the curriculum is personal finance. Yet, it’s a skill that can determine a student’s success long after graduation. Montana recognized this in 2023 when it made financial literacy a graduation requirement.

Financial literacy for students provides a crucial foundation for their future beyond graduation, aiding them in establishing healthy financial habits that will last a lifetime.

At Bank of the Rockies, we’re passionate about empowering students to secure their financial future, and it all starts with our Get Smart About Credit program.


The Basics of Credit Education

Good credit education starts with a firm grasp of what credit is and why it’s a key part of long-term financial success. When someone borrows money and repays it back on time, it will build their credit score.

A strong credit score makes it easier to secure loans and lower interest rates. Missed payments and large amounts of debt do the opposite and can make it hard to secure necessary finances down the road.


Bank of the Rockies and “Get Smart About Credit”

Here at Bank of the Rockies, we believe in financially empowering future generations with our Get Smart About Credit program. That’s why we’ve partnered with the American Banking Association (ABA) to assist teachers with our financial education curriculum and engage with students through 1:1 interactions.


Bank of the Rockies Premier Products for Students

Because financial literacy and education for young people are so important to us, we’ve taken the time to develop specialized products for students aged 13-24. They include:


Big Sky Student Checking Account

Students can learn how to properly manage their finances with one of our Big Sky student checking accounts! We offer many features designed specifically for students, such as:

  • $25 minimum opening balance
  • No minimum balance
  • Unlimited check writing
  • Online bill pay
  • Much more!


Youth Agricultural Loans

For aspiring agriculturalists in 4-H or FFA, a Youth AG Savings account can help students start saving for their future today. Our savings accounts offer higher interest rates compared to other young accounts, showcasing our commitment to helping the future of agriculture in Montana and beyond.


The Impact of Financial Literacy for Students

Financial literacy can have a long-term positive impact on students’ lives. It empowers them to make strong financial decisions, equipping them with crucial money management skills such as budgeting, investing, and saving.

When students are financially literate, they’re better prepared for reaching their future financial goals. They’ll be more likely to avoid debt and maintain a strong credit score, which is a key step towards long-term financial independence and success.


Get Smart: Start Your Credit Journey Strong

If you’re ready to discover more about forming a bright financial future, contact us now at Bank of the Rockies! Parents and students alike can learn about the specialized programs and resources available through each of our local offices. We offer competitive youth savings and checking accounts, allowing you to select whichever is the best match for your financial needs.

Visit us today and speak with one of our friendly client service advisors and discover what we can do for you!