Bank of the Rockies and its employees have a special connection to ranchers and families in agriculture in Montana. Many of our employees grew up on Montana farms and ranches, so they understand the unique challenges and opportunities of the agricultural world and the steps involved with agriculture lending. In fact, several of our team members belong to families who, in addition to working at Bank of the Rockies, maintain their own ranch operations. This shared experience allows us to better understand our customers and provide them with tailored financing solutions to meet their individual needs.

1. Starting out and Starting over with FSA Backed Loans

Bank of the Rockies helps ranchers get the financing they need to start, expand, or maintain their operations with FSA Guaranteed Loans. We partner with FSA to provide loans for ranchers to purchase land or cattle, enlarge their operations, and provide cash for operating costs to see their expenses covered throughout the year.

FSA Guaranteed Loans support the economic stability of Montana’s ranchers by providing financial capital, risk management assistance, and support when it’s needed most.

Some of those needs might include:

  • acquiring a farm or ranch
  • expanding an already existing operation
  • buying or upgrading dwellings, or other facilities and improvements related to the farm or ranch
  • encouraging soil and water conservation

2. Keep Operations Running Smoothly

Bank of the Rockies provides Operating Lines of Credit (LOCs) to many agricultural operations. We offer lines of credit with competitive rates and terms to help ranchers with their cash flow. We also provide fixed-rate loans in order to protect against increasing costs. Our goal is to provide the necessary capital needed during their operating cycle.

Ranchers typically have one payday per year, when they sell their calves, and they need flexible financing to pay their bills until they can make a return on their investment. LOC’s are often secured with machinery and equipment and cattle. At Bank of the Rockies, we match the line of credit to the operating cycle of each individual operation..

3. Growth & Expansion

Is your ranch ready to expand? Herd expansion and equipment purchases can be a part of any growing operation. We provide flexible lending options to help you strengthen and grow your ranch so you can be prosperous and competitive.

Bank of the Rockies partners with Farmer Mac to provide excellent long-term, fixed-rate loans for agricultural real estate purchases or refinances.

We are committed to your success!

We want to be a valuable resource for you to start, maintain, and strengthen your ranch operations and ultimately, assist you in becoming prosperous and competitive. To see what Bank of the Rockies can do for you, please contact one of our qualified lenders or call your local office.